Yoga Central teachers are dedicated to promote Iyengar Yoga for its precisions in physical and organic body alignment to attain equipoise in body, mind & spirit. Poses have to be practiced over and over again to ascertain their primal impact on the body and mind before introducing to students. Instructions would be customized to individual level after seeing the responses from students' body to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

All are trained with teaching methodology based on personal practice after worldwide-recognized assessment processes. Annual re-training workshops are a must and all teachers take up to 1-month 'study' leaves every 18-24 months to continue their personal search in the yogic path and to bring new insights to their students. Our teachers encourage doing yoga 'off the mat' and would love to share their yoga philosophy with students after class over a cup of tea or drink!


Qualifications – only at Yoga Central (and applicable to all Iyengar-certified teachers)

  • 400+ hours training hours with Senior Iyengar Teacher over 3-4 years
  • 50+ hours of workshops/intensives with Senior Iyengar Teachers per year
  • Qualified assessment by panel of 3 senior teachers on Yoga Practice and Teaching.
  • Regular personal practice daily.
  • 36-hr Certificate training in Anatomy & Physiology (optional)
  • CPR certification (optional)