Class Levels:

  • Online 75-min classes - specially added during the pandemic period to keep up with yoga; best suited to those who work from home or prefer to stay home, yet wish to develop more flexibility and mindfulness.  Virtual meeting ID will be texted 15-min before class to allow time to set camera and audio.  Students are expected to take the session as if in an actual class, I.e. be focused and dressed appropriately.  Teacher would watch each student's actions and movements to ensure accurate understanding and safe practice.  Demonstrations will be via screeen as required.  If new to yoga, please enquire private hourly sessions for such online classes.
  • General - for those who would like to refine and consolidate skills and knowledge attained from other sports or yoga classes.  Beginners are welcome to join preferably at the beginning of each month to gain a comprehensive experience of a full month's pampering of full body stretch.  At this level, you will be introduced to inversions - loosely defined as heart below head - and basic backbends to develop confidence to use the body for the mind, and verse versa.
  • General 2 - for students who have been taking Iyengar Yoga classes for 1 year or more.  This class continues to develop students' skills and confidence to fully inverted poses in addition to introducing more challenging poses and breathing techniques.  Students usually find a sense of rejuventation and empowerment as they continue into General 2.
  • LED Practice - it is not a class, but a communal practice occasionally held for experienced Iyengar Yoga practitioners.  The Led teacher will call out and do a series of poses for students to follow to the best of their ability.  It aims to build strength and resilience to enable students to practise yoga independently.  Experienced students are encouraged to join as a means to look into their personal growth in yoga.

Special Themed Classes

  • Lunch Yoga is same as General level

Remarks for New Students

  1. Class size is strictly limited to 10 pax and usually at 8 pax in view of social distancing in 2021; your personal safety and needs would be under each teacher's very eyes.
  2. Please refrain from eating 2-hr and drinking ½-hr before class.
  3. Drinks are not encouraged during class but do take plenty of water and eat preferrably ½ hr after class.
  4. No class on Sundays & Public Holidays. 
  5. Must book by phone or email for any class as min. 4 pax each class.
  6. Suggest to try 4-class pack to commence your Iyengar yoga journey with us for new enquiries as yoga is a vast subject and one-time trial does not give its flavours.