Invocation to Patanjali



Sage Patanjali is the 'ancestor' of yoga who develops speech, science of life (ayurveda) and yoga to the human race.  His Yoga Sutras are the classical texts in yoga for whoever's interested in the origins and understanding of yoga.  It contains short verses which bring understanding and light (i.e. revelations/enlightenments)  to one's body, mind and yoga.  It's a tradition to praise him and invoke him before yoga practice to have a 'illumined' body & mind for one's yoga practice or class.

yogena cittasya padena vacam

malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena

yopakarottam pravaram muninam

patanjalim pranjalir anato’smi


abahu purusakaram

sankha cakrasi dharinam

shasra sirasam svetam

pranamami patanjalim


hari om